Zodiac received merit from Ministry of education and training
00:00 | 03/01/2013

In recent years, Zodiac is an active member who has responsibility for every educational activities organized by Ministry of Education and Training and  Vietnamese educational equipment associations. With that achievement, in the third term Congress of Vietnamese educational equipment associations, Mr. Luu Cong Nguyên, CEO of Zodiac was elected to the executive committee of the third term.

Also, in the Third term Congress of Vietnamese educational equipment associations, one of the key missions is to publish research issue, create department to evaluate quality of educational equipments, equipments, self-running educational toys. From this basis to consult Ministry of Education and Training in purchasing, adding, replacing equipments, matched with financial abilities and efficiency.

Speaking at the Congress, Deputy Nguyen Vinh Hien hope that associations can give critical opinions as well as actively propose educational equipments that are suitable for schoolbook program, suitable for production technology and limited financial abilities of schools


Deputy express expectation that Congress will propose many ideas, many specific solutions to improve the effectiveness for corporate members, enhancing the role of  associations in the field of education as well as society. Deputy also hoped that Congress could select a new Executive Committee with strong ability, solidarity and mind to take the activities of  associations into a new level.

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