Event National Day for Energy and Climate(“Heat”)
00:00 | 15/11/2013

In this event, young generation of the city and Zodiac Corp partnered wth Vietnam Power Shif have created an unexpected success.

With the theme ”  Converse Energy – Connect Power”, National Day for Energy and Climate belongs to Vietnam Power Shift campaign organized by 350.org, a movement against cimate change in Vietnam.

Recently, 1000 students from 3 schools in Ho Chi Minh City has  freely watched 6 documentary science films including:” Energy cells , research on climate and the sun”, “Our World”, “ From Earth to future – Clean water for everybody”, “ Seven wonders”, “ Clean enviroment”, “ Farewell to nuclear energy”/

These films were produced in Austria , Germany , Thailand and Taiwan. Happening in 4 days, these 6 film has been showing freely by 350.org and Zodiac Corp in the purpose to help young generation and Vietnamese people understand and start the action to save fossils fuel and prevent climate changing.

For 20 years, Zodiac Corp has been one of the pionner companies in distributing products. Solutions in the field of AV and high tech intergrated system and Mechanical & Energy Solutions in Vietnam.

Especially,with experienced staffs in the field of AV, projection, M&E, intergrated system, conference devices…. Zodiac is always ready to send a strong massage of Vietnam to the world: by any means to reduce the carbon dioxide emission and towards a sustainable green economy

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