Zodiac Corp received ISO 9001:2008 Certification
00:00 | 30/10/2013

To replace the old ISO certification that was expired since 10/18/2013, on 10/30/2013, Zodiac received new Certification for Quality Management System from Das.

The Certification was distributed in the field of” Distribute and Supply Solutions and intergrated system for multimedia projection devices, language labs, audio conference system, wall size projection screen( and has 3 year efficiency since signing day).

Zodiac has been well applying requirements form Quality Management System and has received mand success in managing system.

 This title is the result of Zodiac’s endless efforts to improve quality of service and the proof for company’s firm reputation.

By receiving ISO 9001:2008 Certification, Zodiac Corp will continue to improve the quality of management system: more logical and quick via completed procedures.

 This will ensure company’s position and reputation in the market, as well as  increase the belief from partners and government’s agencies.

Zodiac committed to keep applying Quality Management System to bring more success for company’s projects and works.

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